Titan® Western Cedar

Thuja 'Attapulgus' PP29,404

Sun Breaker® Swamp White Oak can be relied upon for dark lustrous foliage and a full and balanced crown. Unlike many Swamp White Oaks, Sun Breaker® drops its foliage clean in the winter to best show-off the textured and colorful bark.

Hardiness: 5 to 9 | Foliage: Dark green, remaining dark green through the winter | Shape: Narrow and compact with dense foliage from the base to the top of the tree | Mature Size: 40-44' tall by 10-12' wide | Growth Rate: Fast | Adaptability: Adaptable to varied moisture levels - drought tolerant but thrives in rich, moist, well-drained soils; pH adaptable; more shade tolerant than most conifers